All in all: Tatu are not going to perform in Israel this week.

Time of publication: 20.06.2003 (01:13)
Tatu's Israel tour, which was supposed to start this week, is cancelled. The girls were not on the plane, which was supposed to fly them from Moscow to Israel.

In the office of the company "Izabella Art Production", responsible for the organization of Tatu’s tour in Israel, announced on the 17th of June, that "there was a problem with Israeli visas, which were not granted to the girls and their crew for yet unknown reasons". According to the representatives of the company, the head impresario of the group even went to MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs) on Tuesday, aiming to deal with the problems, so that the group can start their tour.

In return the press department of the Ministry issued the following statement: “We are sorry that Herman Khaszanov (the impresario) didn’t bother to explain why he blamed the Ministry of Internal Affairs for t.A.T.u.’s failure to enter Israel. As early as on the 9th of June we issued the visas to t.A.T.u., including their producer. This information was handed over to Mr. Khazanov”.

On the 17th of June, "Izabella Art Production" announced, that Tatu’s tour is cancelled, and that it is possible that the group will still tour Israel next month.

t.A.T.u. was initially scheduled for three gigs in Israel. Gradually this number was reduced to one gig in Tel Aviv because of the poor ticket sales. It’s possible that t.A.T.u., which said in their interview to Ediot Ahronot (Israeli press) that they were looking forward to see many fans in Israel, were disappointed by the poor ticket sales and therefore preferred simply not to come at all.

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