35,389 Applicants for Video Shoot in Tokyo

Time of publication: 22.06.2003 (17:53)
It was discovered on the 21st that there have been 35,389 applications to appear in the video being shot by the Russian high school girl duo t.A.T.u.

Given all this, insiders at Universal could not hide their surprise at the number of applications.

A breakdown of the applicants revealed that there was an overwhelming number of high school girls who applied, but according to Universal, they were surprised also to receive applications from female TV announcers and women in the entertainment business.

The filming of the video for Show Me Love, which will take place at various locations within the capital on the 29th of this month, will be the main event during their visit. At the request of t.A.T.u. 's producer, Ivan Shapovalov (37), Universal International solicited applications to appear in the video, and as of the deadline on the 20th, 35,389 women had applied.

Universal plans to choose 300 participants by the 25th. Shapovalov will arrive in Japan today (22nd), ahead of the rest of the group, in order to choose the location for the shoot, so there is also the possibility that he might be the one to choose the participants.

t.A.T.u. plan to arrive to Tokyo on the 25th of June.

Source: (by material of Sankei Sports, Japan)
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