t.A.T.u.’s video plans wrecked

Time of publication: 27.06.2003 (09:33)
Japanese police crushed plans by t.A.T.u. to shoot a promotional video in downtown Tokyo during the weekend.
t.A.T.u. had planned to film scenes with hundreds of voluntary participants in the busy shopping districts of Akihabara and Ginza on Sunday, Jiji Press news agency reported. But the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) threw out their applications to hold the street events because they are "feared to cause confusion", the report said.
Akihabara and Ginza, along with other hubs in the capital, are sealed off to traffic on Sundays and holidays to create so-called "paradises for pedestrians.
"The pedestrians' paradise is a place for people to walk freely and not for staging an event," Jiji quoted a MPD traffic regulation official as saying. "We cannot give permission where there is the possibility of confusion."
But a Universal official said his company was not involved in the promotional video project.

Source: (by material of The Advertiser, Australia)
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