Apology About the Cancellation of Tatu's Live Appearance on TV Asahi's Music Station Programme on Friday June 27th

Time of publication: 28.06.2003 (07:26)
The performance on TV Asahi's Music Station on Friday 27th June by Tatu, who appeared live at the start of the programme, was cancelled abruptly.
During the programme, the group's manager Ivan Shapovalov told the group that he would not allow them to perform. Upon hearing this, the artists refused to perform.
Therefore, our staff tried hard to convince him to allow them to go on, but the group and their entourage left the studio, despite the fact that the programme was in progress.
We would like to apologise profusely for the great inconvenience that this sudden late cancellation caused to TV Asahi, its affiliate regional television stations and viewers of the programme.

Source: Universal International, Universal Music
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