t.A.T.u.’s video shot in Tokyo is off

Time of publication: 29.06.2003 (23:20)
t.A.T.u. went walkabout in Ginza this afternoon, stopping to sign autographs for fans, and the area came to a standstill for a while. They went to a karaoke box, where they performed one of their songs for the assembled press corps. At a press conference this afternoon, the band said that the problems with the programme on Friday were all down to a lack of communication and that they had no intention of apologising to anyone.
Yulia said, "We wanted to do a show by ourselves." while Shapovalov commented that, "I didn't know beforehand what kind of show it was and decided when I saw it that it didn't suit Tatu's image."
With regard to the video, they said, "We hoped to get permission, but even had we obtained it, we probably wouldn't have had time to prepare for the shoot." The band will leave Japan on the 30th.

Source: (by material of Yahoo, Japan)
Special thanks to Lenochka0.
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