t.A.T.u.'s press-attache Beata Ardeeva in a terrible car-crash.

Time of publication: 04.07.2003 (04:38)
t.A.T.u.'s press-attache Beata Ardeeva was involved in a terrible car-crash. The accident took place in Turkey where Beata was on vacation with her friend. She rented a car and at some point lost control of it. Beata was taken to a local hospital.
"Yes, it's true, we can't deny this fact," said Valentin Mavtveev (2nd press-attache for t.A.T.u.) to "But we don't have any comments. She's in Turkey now. Her condition is stable. That's all I can tell you." After the accident, Ivan Shapovalov was flown to Turkey to pay Beata's hospital bill. Yulia and Lena are very worried about Beata too. Unfortunately Beata's condition is still critical. Doctors say, that the condition is stable and it should be progressing for the better soon. At the moment, none of this has happened yet. Beata remains unconscious.

Source: (by material of Russian press)
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