Tatu relaunching themselves as man-eating heterosexuals (The Sun - UK)

Time of publication: 21.09.2004
So it is an end to the naughty schoolgirls routine for LENA KATINA and JULIA VOLKOVA as they try to top the charts again.

The pair may even change the name of their band in an effort to distance themselves from their old image for good.

Mind you, the Russian duo could hardly keep up the pretence — Lena is a MUM of one and Julia is getting MARRIED.

An insider told me: “The truth is the girls were never lesbians in the first place.

“They feel like they were exploited. They were only aged 14 and 15 when they started singing in concert halls and doing sexy routines.

“They still want to be controversial and shocking. They want to look and act hotter than ever before — but not as lesbians.

“Julia and Lena are getting rid of their skimpy school uniforms in favour of a sassier, sexier look.”

Tatu — who topped the charts for four weeks in February 2003 with All The Things She Said — are in talks with producer TREVOR HORN, who plans to showcase their comeback at a Prince’s Trust concert in November.

The insider said: “Trevor produced Tatu’s other songs, although it hasn’t yet been decided what track they should record for their comeback.

“Trevor’s also organising the charity gig in November, with acts including SIMPLE MINDS, SEAL and DOLLAR signed up to play.

“He thinks it would be the perfect opportunity to showcase Tatu.”

The girls racked up more than 13million sales worldwide in their heyday, playing on the fact that they weren’t just lipstick lesbians but lovers, too.

The duo were even described by one critic as: “The biggest pop sensation in the world.”

But Lena and Julia’s careers crumbled when their snogs were exposed as a sham.

They were forced to axe their British mini-tour when just 2,000 tickets were sold for their two nights at London’s 12,000-capacity Wembley Arena and eventually called it a day.

Now, more than a year on, they have only fellas in mind.

Hmmm. I’m not so sure that two straight Russian girls will have quite the same appeal as a girl-on-girl double act in today’s fickle pop market.

Thanks to haku.
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