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03.08.2007 Learning the Lingo
15.06.2007 On the Trail of t.A.T.u.
06.06.2007 Mischa Barton to star in Joffe's Tatu
04.06.2007 Mischa Barton To Star In Tatu Movie
03.10.2006 International Superstar Duo Tatu Return With The Best
18.09.2006 Russian Duo to Hold 1st Concert
28.03.2006 Lee's no lover of Russia
13.01.2006 Tat's the way to do it...
18.12.2005 The Russian faux-lesbians are coming!
24.11.2005 Sergey Galoyan Interview: "The girls had the idea to be lesbians"
07.11.2005 "Obezyanka Nol" Explained
15.10.2005 Russian Dolls
14.10.2005 We'll Kill Charlotte!
08.10.2005 CD:UK Interview
04.10.2005 The girls are back in town
04.10.2005 I like trash
01.10.2005 Sex, violence ... it's all much Tatu about nothing
24.09.2005 We're Not Going to Say! (Blender)
19.09.2005 Good Tatu see ya!
19.09.2005 taT's not so clever
12.09.2005 Tatu Drafts Sting, Carpenter For New CD
04.09.2005 From Russia With Love Tatu are back
02.09.2005 Ludi Invalidi are inferior objects
02.09.2005 Tatu's new violent style
01.09.2005 Tatu's "Dangerous and Moving"
26.08.2005 Tatu girls sussed...
23.08.2005 James Cox about work with Yulia and Lena
22.08.2005 Tatu's "Ty Soglasna"
21.08.2005 Tatu bad for telly
20.08.2005 Tatu mucky for TV (The Daily Star)
20.08.2005 Tatu still scandalous
15.08.2005 Fake Lesbians Tatu To Release New Record
14.08.2005 Tatu calls in a carpenter
09.08.2005 Tatu plan comeback with help from some stars
09.08.2005 Close Tu You (The Sun)
02.08.2005 Tatu are back from the 2 and half year of blank!
21.09.2004 Tatu drop lesbian image (ContactMusic.Com)
21.09.2004 Tatu relaunching themselves as man-eating heterosexuals (The Sun - UK)
03.08.2004 Russian duo TaTu abandons lesbian image! ( - Canada)
08.06.2004 t.A.T.u’s Producer Loses Copyright Lawsuit (MosNews.Com)
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