Tatu are back from the 2 and half year of blank!

Time of publication: 02.08.2005
The new song called "All About Us" from the scandalous Russian duo Tatu is going to be released first in Japan. It's been 2 and half years since they released new song for the last time. The song will be available to listen from Tomorrow 5 o'clock in the afternoon on "Chakuuta", a cellphone ringtone service, and the single of the song is going to be released first in Japan, on Sep. 1 at cheap price, 500 yen. (about 5 dollars ).

Julia (20) and Lena (20) discussed and set this cheap price to apologize for the scandalous cancellations which pissed off their Japanese fans. And the apologizing song for Japanese fans which will be included on the new album "Dangerous and Moving" (will be released on OCT 5) was first titled as "I'm Sorry Japan", but they have changed the title to "GOMENASAI". This is because they think it's better and clear to express their sorry feelings in Japanese. But why they drop off one "N"?

And the clip of "All About Us" was filmed in Los Angels. But again, there's already been conflicts between production group and them over some violent scenes in the clip, where men punch at (hit) Julia."It will spoil everything if the video gets banned to be shown on media. Why cannot they control and calm down themselves more?", a guy from American record label talks. It seems Tatu are still scandalous.

Thanks to Seitaro
Source: Sanspo.Com
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