Tatu plan comeback with help from some stars

Time of publication: 09.08.2005
Russian pop duo TATU have enlisted the talents of stars including STING, DAVE STEWART and RICHARD CARPENTER to help them stage a comeback.

The ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID girls - YULIA VOLKOVA and LENA KATINA - have been out of the public eye for the last two years and are best remembered for courting controversy by pretending to be lesbian lovers.

Tatu are so determined for their forthcoming album DANGEROUS AND MOVING to succeed they have enlisted Sting to play bass on track FRIEND OR FOE, while EURYTHMICS star DAVE STEWART has written a song with them.

Carpenter, who was one half of THE CARPENTERS with his late sister KAREN, has recorded new track GOMENASAI with the sexy duo.

A record company spokesman says, "We're excited about Tatu being back. They've been working on some amazing tracks for the past year and finally feel ready to return to the music scene.

"They will be as controversial as ever. They're in Russia now and are planning a trip to the US and Europe to promote the album this summer (05)."
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