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Time of publication: 09.08.2005
Sexy Tatu in comeback star

Controversial double act Tatu are making a big comeback - with the help of RICHARD CARPENTER.

And the Seventies easy listening singer is not the only big name working with the Russian fake lesbians Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina.

They have been called on to help with new album Dangerous and Moving.

It's due out at the end of the year and I'm told their winning formula of great songs and saucy antics is just as potent after two years away.

Richard and sister Karen made up the Carpenters, a massive US vocal duo who had a string of worldwide hits include Close To You. Karen suffered from anorexia and died in 1983.

Now, Richard and the girls have recorded a track together called Gomenasai.

They have also hired Madonna's old manager Caresse Henry to guide them and Sting had recorded bass on the track Friend or Foe. Eurythmics star Dave Stewart has also written a song. Yulia and Lena have even been writing with Robbie Williams' old buddy Guy Chambers.

A record company spokesman said - "We're excited about Tatu being back. They've been working on some amazing tracks for the past year and finally feel ready to return to the music scene. They will be as controversial as ever. They're in Russia now and are planning a trip to the US and Europe to promote the album later this year."

Tatu first hit the charts in 2003 with No1 All The Things She Said. Album 200km/h In The Wrong Lane shifted 5 million copies.

But their success was halted by sleaze. They were criticised for lesbian snogs and manager Ivan Shapavalov was accused of luring young girls to his hotel and smoking cannabis.

Then Yulia fell pregnant after an affair with married karate champ Pasha Sidarov and Lena went back to college to study psychology.

But they decided to give pop another go - and when they have a global hit record, remember you heard it here first.

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