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Time of publication: 20.08.2005
Video will shock fans
Russian lesbians Tatu are back - with the most controversial video ever made.

Yulia Volkova, 20, and Lena Katina, 21, have shot a promo for new single All About Us that will shock the most hardened of minds...
...let alone the youngsters who make up the mass of their fanbase. It's so disturbing that CD:UK can only show a very censored version on Sunday. The full-length promo will never be aired on TV.


The video includes footage of drink driving, kerb crawling and sexual assault and ends with an explicit murder.

A source close to the band talked me through the video nast, I'm told: "The video opens with the girls knocking back shots of vodka and having an argument. Then Yulia runs off and Lena starts driving around the city in a car. Yulia's dressed in a mini skirt and when a man starts kerb crawling her, she gets into his car and goes home with him.

"As they're getting down to it, Yulia changes her mind, but the guy gets nasty and starts punching her; before throwing her into a glass table. He pins her down and forces himself on her. She manages to shake him off and finds a gun, then shoots him in the head. It's very graphic and there's blood everywhere."

The pair first found fame when they enjoyed an underage lesbian kiss in the video for All The Things She Said.

On a more palatable note, Girls Aloud stuck to traditional skimpy clobber for an appearance on Top Of The Pops.

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