Tatu bad for telly

Time of publication: 21.08.2005
Check out my exclusive pictures from the banned video of pretend lezza's Tatu. (A pic of Yulia holding the gun and the blood stained wall)

Having caused a storm of controversy two years ago with their schoolgirl-on-schoolgirl fantasy games, Julia and Lena have now turned their dubious talents to bloody murder- with shades of domestic violence. Which is nice.

In one particularly gruesome scene, Julia is attacked by her 'boyfriend' who grabs her by the throat and smashes her on to a glass table, shattering it.

She then loads a gun and shoots him in the head.

A music biz insider told me: "The girls' love controversy. The song is very catchy but the video shocked too many people. It's no wonder this version was banned. It was more like a horror movie"

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