James Cox about work with Yulia and Lena

Time of publication: 23.08.2005
Julia and Lena were absolute darlings on set. Their ability to take direction is amazing. They're natural performers. They have strong opinions and stick to them, which I consider the mark of a true artist. They had a very strong idea for costumes when it came to the Dangerous and Moving video, and I admired them for standing their ground.

My favorite moment on set was during the filming of the moonlit loft in All About Us (the scene of the crime). We were all set up to shoot Julia's performance. And she came to me, and she said that the lighting on set was just too beautiful for her to perform in, that she wanted to stand silent in the moonlight, contemplating the universe instead. Imagine my surprise!

But I sensed then, and it turned out to be true in the editing room later, that Julia's instinct were correct, and the set was too beautiful for her to sing in, and it's so much better that she's silent. Bravo to Julia for such forethought!!

James Cox
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