Tatu's "Ty Soglasna"

Time of publication: 22.08.2005
Near 2 years waiting - Tatu are BACK! They just released their new single "All About Us". The girls from Tatu (Yulia and Lena) on 10th October are going to release their new album "Dangerous And Moving" and the Russian album is called 'Люди-инвалиды' [Lyudi-Invalidy]. The new material is not very different from their last project.

"200 По Встречной" [200 Po Vstrechnoi] and "200 Km/H In The Wrong Lane" were one of the most successful albums in Bulgaria.
"All About Us" video includes a violent scene and murder, which make Tatu again very scandalous. It looks like that Yulia and Lena will always find a way to get the attention in their arms.
Tatu has canceled the lesbian image, which made most of their fans very angry. The two girls which were described as "the twins of Tatu" comentated "They helped us to find the soul us and to understand who we really are." The twins are famous with their homosexuality, because they were kissing in front of the camera on Channel 1.

The two lovely girls from Tatu right now are in Moscow again.
They have finished their two versions of the new album. Their Russian Album includes the very famous songs "Обезянка ноль" [Obezyanka Nol] and "Ничья" [Nichya]. But that's not all. Their song "Ты согласна" [Ty Soglasna] is on the album, too. This song was played once on radio City in Bulgaria and it was requested in thousands of Bulgarian forums,servers and MP3 websites. "This is one of their best songs on the album" says the moderator of the forum of Tatu BG - Peter Kolchev Peshev.
We're full with excitement and we hope that the Tatu fans are very excited, too. Get the two versions of the album, you will be surprised!

Hit Mania Magazine, Bulgaria
Translated by Prostie_Dvijeniya
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