Tatu's new violent style

Time of publication: 02.09.2005
Do you remember the Russian girls in Tatu?
Now they're in action again with the new song All about us
And this is what Aftonbladet's Markus Larsson thinks about the song.

- It's not a big difference between this song compared to the other singles they've released. Tatu seems to have found a formula that they're going to use for a long time ahead.
It is a very good and hot and unusual video.
It won't be sending on the best time on the music channels, it is way too controversial for that, at least the version that I’ve watched.

- One of the members of Tatu executes a man that tires to hit and rape her.
The fascinating thing with Tatu is that you can't really know what's true and false with the band and there are way too many rumours about their sexuality. I think that is the whole point with Tatu It is what makes it a true phenomenon, there's something provoking with these lolita's.

Aftonbladet TV, Sweden
Translation: erla,
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