From Russia With Love Tatu are back

Time of publication: 04.09.2005
The most exciting pop group in living memory return with a brand new single "ALL ABOUT US"

Julia Volkova and Lena Katina are Eastern Europe's most popular musical exports. In 2003 they released their debut album '200 KM IN THE WRONG LANE' outside of Eastern Europe. The lead single 'ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID' became a global NUMBER 1 – it topped the charts in the UK for 4 weeks. The album went to sell 5 million copies around the world.

Now after a two year break, the girls are back. They recorded 'Dangerous And Moving' in Russia, London and Los Angeles and collaborated with an all star cast from Richard Carpenter to Dave Stewart Sting and Trevor Horn.

Fierce brunette Julia Volkova and sprightly redhead Lena Katina are Eastern Europe's most popular musical exports. In the age of 24/7 televised entertainment, you've likely caught a glimpse (or quit more) of these Russian pop-sensations & full-time fuck-with-your-expectations media mavens. During t.A.T.u.'s short five years together, the two diminutive, talented beauties have caused one hell of a worldwide ruckus.

Brazenly, after promising not to kiss on the Tonight Show, they engaged in a long, passionate wet one-- much to the alarm of anxious network censors, (and well before Britney and Madonna's little stunt, ahem). And yet, when expected to do the same on Jimmy Kimmel, they deliberately offered not so much as a sweet peck on the cheek. Why? Explains Julia, "Basically, because we like to do what we want. A lot of people are, like, 'you shouldn't do this, you shouldn't do that, you shouldn't behave in this way.' But you know what? Actually for us, we are the way that we are, and we don't really live in fear of anybody. So, if we behave in a certain way, then that's just actually the way we are."

As for the whole 'Are they or aren't they lesbians' question? Well, there is no better answer than t.A.T.u's own words on the matter. "Our first video was about love between two girls. Love, just love. We do not pretend to be lesbians, we've never said we were" Lena states matter-of-factly, "Julia just had a baby, and currently has a GIRLFRIEND, and we've both always had boyfriends. We share a special bond. We don't like labels for emotions. People should not be forced to define their feelings. These are natural and cannot be labeled."

Should you need to know anything more about the ladies of t.A.T.u, we recommend you give a listen to the aptly-titled, crazy-catchy first single, "All About Us" then see them EXCLUSIVELY at G-A-Y.
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