The girls are back in town

Time of publication: 04.10.2005
Seen the new video from Tatu? Just your regular run-of-the-mill tale of two girls who might/might not be lesbians rowing, driving cars really fast and shooting a would-be rapist in the face. Yep, "All About Us" proves the Russian duo of Julia and Lena have definitely not mellowed during their time out of the spotlight. Here's all you need to know about the pair's comeback...

Back in 2003 Tatu launched themselves onto an unsuspecting public with their first single "All The Things She Said". The world was clearly not ready for them because they didn't know how to handle two girls in school uniforms kissing each other.

Julia Volkova (the brunette) and Lena Katina (redhead) went on to knock everything out of their way with their "don't give a damn" attitude, also sparking the massive "are they/aren't they lesbians" debate.

Julia had a baby last year so in some way she likes the men, but it's also rumored that currently Julia either has a girlfriend or is seeing a fella 20 years older than her. Apparently Lena is also in love at the moment but no one knows if it's male, female or beast.

On the whole lesbian thing Lena says "We do not pretend to be lesbians; we've never said we were. We don't like labels for emotions. People should not be forced to define their feelings." Julia adds, "It doesn't matter. We are all different. Everybody has their own story." That's cleared that up then.

It all worked, though, as their debut album 200km/h In The Wrong Lane sold over 5 million copies.

They once turned down an appearance at the MTV Europe Music Awards because the organisers wouldn't let them use real guns in their act. Lena explains, 'We wanted real machine guns, but they didn't give us, so we wouldn't perform, that simple.'

Julia gave up pop for a bit to go back to collage to study psychology. Lena then also decided to study the same subject as well. Can't keep those two apart.

When asked if their massive fame has affected her Lena says, "Of course. At first I was sick with "star illness" but recovered very soon. Thanks to mum and my friend Nastya. As soon as I started to "raise my nose" they quickly gave me a reality check and the illness was gone like it never came."

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