We'll Kill Charlotte!

Time of publication: 14.10.2005
Russian Pop Babes Shock Death Threat

Sexy Charlotte Church's life has been threateaned by Lena Katina of Russia's ladylovers tATu.
Lena, 21, revealed her shoot-to-kill policy after a personal attack from Charlotte, 19.
And in a remarkable outburst she vowed that she'll assassinate Lotte.
The violent threat comes after Welsh lovely Charlotte branded the duo rubbish.
Getting straight to the point, Lena said: "I will murder her.
"She shuld come to Moscow and then I will shoot her in the head hust like in our video."
And she eannted on: "No-one has heard of her in my country- yet where she lives, everyone knows who we are.
"She must be very careful with her big mouth because bad things can happen to people."
Charlotte angered Lena and her badmate Yulia Volkova, 21, when she said:"They sound s***.

"And one of them's a minger as well. Their single's awful."
In there video for current single All About Us, Yulia is shown shooting a would-be rapist in the head.
Naturally, it was banned from every telly show.
A source close to the band said : "They do tend to over-react about things.
"They've had hard lives and have seen a lot of violence"
Police were called two years ago when death threats were mde against telly couple Richard Madely, 49, and Judy Finnegan, 57, bay a maniac tATu fan.
They's made a public stand against the pretend lesbians and their onstage sex antics.
I suspect Lena's threats won't scare Charlotte.
She can call on back up from her new best mates 33 year old Liam and Noel Gallager, 38.
Of course what I'm hoping for is an apology from Charlotte.
Then she and the girls can kiss and make up.

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