"Obezyanka Nol" Explained

Time of publication: 07.11.2005
As we promised to the fans at the "SOUYZ" album presentation, we share our interpretation of the song "Obezyanka Nol" / "Monkey Zero".

Tatu have never had – and won't ever have – meaningless or stupid lyrics. All the comments on lyrics' senselessness are the result of intellectual laziness of those who made them (by the way, there are many "professionals" among the commentators who write for respected media and, apparently, are even paid for it). Guys, it is impossible to convey everything straight. Where is art's multidimensionality, where's mysticism?.. We're asking not to take this personally, but to turn on your brain and to think before giving your opinions on lyrics' meaning.

Tatu creative team.

"Obezyanka Nol" Explained

Nobody is responsible for anything anymore, everybody is on one's own.
Everything that we believed in died under the pressure of triviality and cynicism.
And there's no place in the world where we could meet and be happy again – like in the past…

Even we're different now, we don't speak the same language and don't understand each other.
But we still exist, so maybe we have a chance…

"Joyous and funny pain" is a metaphor with a simple and deep meaning:
It's a sad memory about somebody who was joyous and funny - but in the past…
"Monkey Zero" is an unprotected, sincere and honest human being crushed by our violent reality.

Honest psychos are those people, who do not pretend, and they are considered crazy only by "people-invalids". You don't need to cure them – exactly because they are normal, not crazy.
"People-invalids" will not forgive their sincerity and honesty.
They will not escape their persecution.
"They will live in prison" means that they will be thrown away or isolated.
Everybody who flows with stream gets fake love, and Monkeys-Zero get only sadness…
Two last lines of the second verse are literal and do not need interpretation.

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