International Superstar Duo Tatu Return With The Best

Time of publication: 03.10.2006
Expansive Twenty Song Retrospective to Include Three Brand New Tracks, Exclusive Remixes and New Single "Loves Me Not" - Sure to Be Hot!

To refresh your memory, back in 2003 two foxy sisters from Russia with a knack for stirring up controversy and banging out brilliant electro pop tunes ruled America's airwaves with their risque breakthrough smash "All The Things She Said." Since those heady days, there's been a lot of fuss about Tatu And while much of it has been hot, it's about to get much hotter now that The Best has been released in the US this week exclusively via Best Buy on Interscope Records.

First off, to help bring you up to speed on how hard Russia's favorite musical exports have been ruling foreign shores, we're going to rifle off some quick facts that have nothing to do with kissing or lesbians or schoolgirl outfits that put Britney to shame. On the quantitative front, the duo have sold over 6 million records worldwide, gone multi-platinum in over seven countries, platinum in nine countries and gold in eleven countries, including the US. On the qualitative front, they have been featured in publications ranging from The New Yorker and Interview to Maxim and Mixer, not to mention a whole slew of European magazines including GQ Russia, who recently named them "Women Of The Year." Not bad for two girls not even old enough to legally knock back a few vodka cocktails, right?

Hot off the success of their most recent rock-infused pop confection "Loves Me Not" in Europe, Tatu are storming America's shores with a twenty-track album containing all their most beloved smash singles, exclusive remixes and edits and three brand new songs. Hardcore fans will be pleased to know that now-classic Tatu tracks like "All The Things She Said," "Not Gonna Get Us" and "All About Us" have all found their way onto The Best, as has a smashing remix of "Cosmos" by electro warriors She Wants Revenge. Rounding out the handsome package are four tracks sung in their native Russian and -- most importantly -- three new songs featuring contributions from the likes of Sting, Richard Carpenter and Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics.

We trust that after you hop on the pop-tastic train that is Tatu, you won't want to get off. Or maybe you will. We're not going to go there, but we do hope you enjoy this tasty, hook-laden musical offering in any way you see fit.

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