Mischa Barton To Star In Tatu Movie

Time of publication: 04.06.2007
Actress Mischa Barton is currently brushing up on her Russian in preparation for her starring role in the forthcoming Tatu movie.

That's the same Russian faux-lesbian poptarts who had a hit with "All The Things She Said" a few years back.

The film, which also stars the Tatu girls as themselves, has an intriguing storyline.

According to Wikipedia, "The story is about two girls, Janie Sawyer (an American girl from New York, living in Moscow) and Lana (a Russian native), who become obsessed with Tatu.

"They become best friends, with crushes on each other, and attend a Tatu concert. While in Moscow, Janie develops a drug problem. The girls at some point end up killing one of their mothers."

Despite its trashy credentials, Mischa seems to be taking the role seriously, to the extent that she's attempting to teach herself Russian.

Apparently she's driving her friends mad by constantly listening to a Russian language CD.

She says, "Any spare time I get, I put a Russian CD on. All I need to do is get a Russian accent but I'm fascinated by Russia."

The former O.C. star is flying to St Petersburg this month to film "Finding Tatu", due for an October release.

Cher Tippetts
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