Tatu Lesbian Stunt Feared (SkyNews)

Time of publication: 22.05.2003
Eurovision Song Contest organisers are worried that controversial Russian pop duo Tatu will perform a lesbian publicity stunt on stage.

The pair, whose sexually-provocative videos feature them kissing while wearing school uniforms, have promised an "outrageous" show.

Image-conscious Latvian organisers are preparing to pull the plug on their risque performance, preventing it from bering seen by 160 million television viewers.

It would be replaced by a cleaner, pre-recorded piece.

Tatu are widely-tipped to win Saturday's contest and will sing in Russian, although contestants can use English to appeal to a wider audience.

"We don't know what they will do on stage - you never know with this group," said spokeswoman Solvita Vevere.

"But we will have a taped performance from the dress rehearsal, so we can always switch to that if need be."

The European Broadcasting Union's Aline Ingwersen said: "There's a lot of hype and rumour surrounding Tatu but this is a family event and we would not allow anything to jeopardise that."

Eurovision has launched superstars like Sweden's ABBA who won in 1974 with the disco classic Waterloo.

Most contestants, however, are remembered as pop wannabes famous only for bizarre lyrics and stage shows or receiving partisan votes.
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