Dangerous and Moving (Time Out Moscow)

Time of publication: 20.10.2005
The last thing you want is to give bitter comments when talking about the second Tatu album. If they are here, then you should know that it's not because macho men are happy about every failure of a woman. A sarcastic smile is sooner caused by an attempt of big money to overcome objective reality. This reality contains following facts: the girls grew up and don't fit in the school skirts any more as they don't fit the teenage lesbian image. Demonic Ivan Shapovalov lost his interest in Tatu, 15 minutes of a worldwide success are gone but a contract with a record company remained – ideal conditions for album "Dangerous and Moving" to be recorded. We've got an album with mega budget and low result, compiled without any errors but it's boring. It has a list of stupid number of starring guests (all from Sting and Richard Carpenter to the author of "Not Gonna Get Us" Serguey Galoyan and, as you may laough, Ivan Shapovalov. The album has monochromic pale songs, among those you may find two decorated models for radio hits. The best review was given by a music journalist Mr. A, who after having heard the album, looked confused and asked: "The song Obezianka Nol" – is it about Khodorkovsky?"

Vladimir Borovoy
Time Out Magazine Moscow #41(049)
Transcript: Tanyuha
Translation: Team
October 17-23 2005
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