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21.03.2006 Gomenasai (Stara)
13.11.2005 Dangerous and Moving (Expressen)
03.11.2005 Dangerous and Moving (IGN)
02.11.2005 Dangerous and Moving (The Pitt News)
02.11.2005 Dangerous and Moving (In Newsweekly)
01.11.2005 Ashlee Simpson vs. Tatu (Slate Magazine)
25.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (Splendid Magazine)
21.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (Stylus Magazine)
20.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (Time Out Moscow)
19.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (Aftonbladet)
18.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (Calgary Sun)
16.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (InsidePulse)
13.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (IndieLondon)
13.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (Mykindaplace)
12.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (Yahoo!)
12.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (
07.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (RollingStone)
07.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (
07.10.2005 All About Us (Pitchfork)
07.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (The Guardian)
07.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (The Sun)
07.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (
07.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (PopMatters)
06.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (Time Out)
06.10.2005 Dangerous and Moving (
02.10.2005 All About Us (
23.09.2005 A lunch with Tatu in Helsinki (September 23, 2005)
19.09.2005 Dangerous And Moving (
15.09.2005 All About Us (
11.09.2005 All About Us (
06.09.2005 All About Us (
04.09.2005 Dangerous and Moving (
02.09.2005 All About Us (
30.08.2005 Dangerous and Moving: officially "quite good really" (
17.07.2003 30 Minutes (Lockin' Out Fanzine)
19.06.2003 Tatu for you ("Keyboard")
07.06.2003 NHK invites tATu to participate in the Red White Singing Contest (Japan)
17.05.2003 Tatu: Not Gonna Get Us (Music week)
17.05.2003 Tatu'll get you in trouble, girls (MegaStar.Com)
09.05.2003 Love 'em or hate 'em, you can't deny that these girls are hot... (Lockin' Out Fanzine)
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