Dangerous and Moving (IGN)

Time of publication: 03.11.2005
Like William Hung if he were a pair of pseduo-lesbian Russian poseurs

November 3, 2005 - Has there ever been a musical group on more tenuous footing than Tatu? Their entire act is faux-sweet harpy shrieking over recycled club beats and generic guitar riffs. The sum of their success can be attributed to prolonged make-out sessions during their live shows. Yes, ladies, we get it… you are pretending to be lesbians. The fact that you wear men's underwear and see-through tank-tops is certainly cheeky, but it doesn't make me want to listen to you. At best, it makes me want to look at you, embarrassed as I am.

The fact that Tatu got to make another album is an insult to the musicians who have been striving to make it in this industry. Sure, it's pop music… but there is good pop and bad pop. Not only is this bad pop, it's cash-in pop; the worst kind. Instead of releasing another album, perhaps Tatu should have offered the public a coffee-table book a la Madonna's Sex.

Not since William Hung, the unfortunate non-winner of American Idol has there been a more useless follow-up record. This one, entitled Dangerous and Moving, does not even border on mild jeopardy. Every second of it is safe and weak. Moving? Never.

The best song is "All About Us," which is merely a worse version of "You're Not Gonna Get Us" (the group's only hit single). The rest of the record lilts through forgettable ballads like "Craving (What I Don't Have)" and fake rebellion songs ("We Shout"). Unless you are Tatu superfan #1, you'll want to avoid this dreckfest altogether.

Rating: 2 out of 10

Chris Carle
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