Gomenasai (Stara)

Time of publication: 21.03.2006
Russian girlduo Tatu who recently visited Finland are releasing now their new single Gomenasai (I'm Sorry).

The track isn't anymore so popish as it could be expected from the duo. Now Yulia and Lena are feeling truly emotional in a harmonic atmosphere.

This track sounds to belong completely to an ordinary ballad (slovari - Finnish) category where it could be placed in an upper middlecase. Surely two beautiful young women suit to this kind of mood perfectly, but when we are talking about "superpop" Tatu, something different could be expected.

Altogether the track is a suitable ballad material, but anyhow listening to it for a few times I didn't find anything that's needed to become a hit.
Single will stay behind comparing to other songs and it has no hit potential. Basic material.

Points 2/5.

Stara (Finland)
Translation: Lauii
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