Yulya Volkova: I am pregnant!

Time of publication: 06.06.2007
The soloist of "Tatu" is expecting a baby from somebody else's husband

Yulya Volkova and her beloved young guy Parviz have confirmed that their relationship is totally serious and has nothing in common with a flirt, like many are inclined to believe.

The soloist of the scandalous duet is in interesting circumstances and the future child occupates all the thoughts of the young people. At the same time Parviz has a legal wife, the ex-singer of the group "Tutsi" Masha Veber and a one year old son.

We may remind, that we were first to tell about the changes in the private life of Yulya. At that time the singer told in the interview, that she is happy with Parviz like never before and that she dreams to give birth to a son for him. The young guy too experiences not less strong feelings to the famous singer, this time he decides to leave the wife and the little child. And just now Yulya prepares herself to become a mother.

The Situation

The time is still early, she is in her third month, but Parviz shows already telling restlessness and excitement. At the party after the MuzTV award in a trendy night club the young guy permanently held the belly of the loved one and protected her from the crowd. Yulya herself behaved quite deliberate. If she lead an active life at the time of the first pregnancy until the last one, now everything goes completely different. The singer didn't even think of dancing to the dynamical music, most of the time she spent sitting at the table, periodically removing the shoes from the swollen legs.

As "Zhizn" has cleared up, the pregnancy of Yulya proceeds normal. She passes the examination in an elitary centre. Just yesterday Parviz drove her to the clinic, where the new born will catch sight of the world.

"Yes, I am pregnant and very happy" committed the future mom to "Zhizn". "I don't want to think of anything, but I dream about a son. Parviz is happy too that we will have a second child. The only thing that worries me, - how will Masha Veber react to this news?"

Tvoi Den, Russia
Translated by Argos
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