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02.08.2007 Tatu Play in the Movie
02.08.2007 Cinema Rules
26.07.2007 Animal Scandal Of Yulya Volkova
20.07.2007 "Tatu": We are beyond competition
26.06.2007 This girl doesn't understand that girl
22.06.2007 Yulia Volkova: "I’m pregnant but it's only temporary"
06.06.2007 Yulya Volkova: I am pregnant!
04.06.2007 Sergey Konov: Love Story Accompanied by t.A.T.u. Musiс
31.05.2007 Gay Pride Military Mission
30.05.2007 In Moscow there will begin the shooting a film "In Search Of Tatu"
29.05.2007 "We, Russians, fear to go out to the square..."
21.05.2007 Homeless Tatu
24.03.2007 Tatu-girl takes her husband abroad
19.03.2007 Yulia Volkova: I will bear Parviz a son
17.03.2007 That Girl Is Jealous of That Girl!
15.03.2007 Volkova ended up in a harem
09.03.2007 Tatu-girl Yulia secretly got married
15.02.2007 Vlad Topalov accused Yulia and Timati of using drugs
14.02.2007 Tatu to sing with Fergie
19.01.2007 Goodnight Tatu
27.12.2006 Tatugirls best friends
26.12.2006 Tatu group. Two elements.
07.12.2006 Tatu-ed Glamour
07.12.2006 Yulya Volkova became victim of the fans
22.11.2006 Morning on BBC with Tatu
15.11.2006 "Tatugirls" hid in hotel "Irkutsk"
11.11.2006 With whom will the tatugirls fly to Irkutsk?
08.11.2006 Tatu-girl dreams to find a step-father for her daughter
07.11.2006 Tatu-girl Yulia forgot about her child in Volgograd
03.11.2006 Tatu-fan ran after their car for two kilometres
01.11.2006 Tatu without real kisses
12.10.2006 Group Tatu almost fought with the frontier guards
12.10.2006 The red-haired tatugirl isn't pregnant, is she?!
29.09.2006 Boyfriend of Tatugirl has filed a law-suit against their new producer
27.09.2006 Vlad Topalov: I'm tired of fighting over Yulia!
15.09.2006 Tatugirl knocked her butt
15.09.2006 The Tatugirls lost a profitable contract because of greediness
19.08.2006 Tatu in Last-Minute Cancellation Storm at Nagoya
19.08.2006 Tatu Cancel at the Last Minute Again Due to "Small Audience"
18.08.2006 Vlad Topalov: I love Volkova
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