In Moscow there will begin the shooting a film "In Search Of Tatu"

Time of publication: 30.05.2007
At the beginning of June the shootings of the full-length feature film "In Search Of Tatu" upon motives of the novel of the deputy of the Duma Aleksej Mitrofanov "Tatu come back" will begin in Moscow.

"Honestly, when Mitrofanov offered me the manuscript I was a bit sceptical about it, but nevertheless I read it, and I liked the theme" told the producer of the movie, Sergej Konov to RIA news. "The theme is rather hot, like any youth topic, and I knew, that you can make an interesting movie out of it, because in general music stories are interesting, both for the viewers and for the producers."

At the same time the producer explained, that this is not a film about the group Tatu.

"Tatu are there in the background, they are in the picture, but the movie is not about them. The group Tatu write the exclusive sound-track for the film, and Yulya Volkova and Lena Katina will play themselves in the film. But in general this movie is about contemporary Moscow, contemporary Russia and about contemporary youth." told Konov.

In the focus of the plot is a 16 year old cute american, who lives already a year in Moscow, where she has no friends at all. Because of her passion for the group Tatu Janie gets to know Lana Starkova in a chat, a Russian of her age from a small town in the province. The girls meet in Moscow, to visit together a concert of the beloved group and find themselves dragged into a whirl of unbelievable events. They experience the 'sparkle' of night life with all it's brightness and dangers.

"We decided to change some things in the story, which were told in Mitrofanov's novel, and we changed one of the heroines to an American young girl, who found herself in Moscow as the fate wanted, and tell what happened to these two girls who get lost in this fairy wood and with each step move away into the thicket of this wood and they understand that everything will become more fearful and dangerous. But nevertheless they get out of this wood, escape all the clashes and scrapes with honour. And we have of course a happy end." said the producer.

"We especially try to use even some surrealistic moments in our tale, because in our view the contemporary Moscow, this city is very unusual, the reality appears here somehow different, not to say contorted. The vision of us, the Moscovites, the people, who live here is blurred, we don't realize that. It concerns everything: the social aspects, the architecture, the rather strange present, the relations of the people." thinks Konov.

Meanwhile the producer had difficulties to assign the film to a certain genre.

"To define the genre is very complicated, because this is no genre movie. It's no thriller, it's not really a melodram, no action film, no comedy. If you compare with something which has been shot in the past, it may be partly near the film "On the Needle" and may be the film, which came out at the beginning of the 70's and was called "Oh, Lucky Devil".", he told.

The preliminary budget of the film will make up 12 Mio. US dollars.

"But this is not a final figure, most likely it will rise up. The movie is very complicated, We have more than 30 sets, we shoot 90 percent of all the pictures in 'live' interior and nature, all our interiors require quite serious post-production, fitting out of the decoration.",explained Konov.

For this, as the producer noted, 30 percent of the film crew, beginning with the director-producer, are American and European specialists.

"People with excellent professional experience", he said and continues that "Moscow is an expensive city, the infrastructure is very expensive, therefore from that point much costs."

The famous british director and script-writer Roland Joffe ("The Killing Field", "The Mission", "Good Bye, Lover", "Vatel"), who finished recently the work on the scandalous "Captivity", will shoot the movie.

World-known actors will take part in the film, like Mischa Barton, Danielle Panabaker, on the Russian side - Igor' Desyatnikov, Olesya Sudzilovskjaya and others.

The shootings will be done in Moscow and Yaroslavl.

RIA news, Russia
Translated by Argos
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