This girl doesn't understand that girl

Time of publication: 26.06.2007
Lena Katina can't forgive Yulia her second pregnancy

Group Tatu suffers another split. Lena Katina is jealous about Yulia and Parviz and firmly refuses to socialize with them.

At least Lena demonstratively ignores Yulia off stage.

- I'm not a .... (Lena uses a c-word here) as this one. I don't get pregnant every second year, that's the way Lena commented on her colleague at their latest gig.


Such disappointment from Lena has explanations. Three years ago, when Yulia announced her pregnancy (young lady was pregnant from her boyfriend Pasha), the group's artistic activity became nearly non-existent. That time Tatu was on the top of their career and naturally Katina didn't like all that. However, Katina found strength to understand Yulia's feelings and actions. When Yulia got involved with a married Parviz, who just got a son, Katina's indignation had no limits. Two girls had a serious conversation and the fragile peace in their group was completely destroyed. No surprise! The group got hardly a second chance now. It's difficult to catch the same wave two times in the show business. Tatu just made a come back and got into the charts as Volkova announced another pregnancy break.

You could easily see that something went wrong between to singers. The girls arrive at gigs separately where backstage they say only a word or two to each other and those are only business related. They don't show previous warmth and understanding any more. Katina doesn't demonstratively greet Yulia's new husband.

- I can't generally get how you could live with a married man, - said Lena to her friends. – He hasn't even divorced his previous one but got Yulia pregnant. And she, the stupid girl, is all happy about that.

As Zhizn got to know, Yulia took one year off. Now the group plays their last gigs. Well, nobody knows if Yulia will return on stage or not as Parviz' first wife Masha Weber was forced to give up her carrier under her husband's pressure.

Alena Mazhorova
Zhizn, Russia
Translated by Team
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