Yulia Volkova: "I’m pregnant but it's only temporary"

Time of publication: 22.06.2007
Worries of ZD connected to the new Yulia's pregnancy were dismissed by Yulia herself.

Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova, those appeared to be fearless Joannas d'Arc at the recent gay pride festival in Moscow, will show up again in public after those events. Their unique set is going to become the culmination of the main gig of this summer – an open air festival Zvukovaya Dorozhka.

Worries of ZD connected to the new Yulia's pregnancy were dismissed by Yulia herself.
- For the first, - she said, it's not the first time and I know how to handle it. For the second, third month is not any critical moment and I’m in a great and an adequate shape. I'm intended to perform at least until October. For the third, there's no use to worry about. As it goes in one song "I'm pregnant but it’s temporarily". Ha-ha…

The parade of freedom and love from Tatu at our festival will become the part of the new American-Russian movie "Finding Tatu". A full length music motion picture for youth based on the novel by Alexey Mitrofanov "Tatu Come Back" with the budget of 12 000 000 dollars will culminate in a huge Tatu gig, at which after all troubles and hard challenges, two young girls – Jane and Lana will finally find their simple human happiness. That's why everyone, who happen to be on the spot at Luzhniki at this very day, could get themselves into the world movie history.

Except the movies, Tatu are fully creating their third album at the studio in Los Angeles and the public is looking forward to the new material from this scandalous group. It's possible that a new song "Ne Zhaley" is going to be performed at the festival. The album itself, taking into account the tendency of the special Tatu sound, promises to be less depressive than "Ludi Invalidy" (Dangerous and Moving) and be of a more dance style. Valery Polienko and Serguey Galoyan are involved in the album. They are the authors of the most powerful Tatu-hits as Ya Soshla S Uma (All The Things She Said) and Nas Ne Dogonyat (Not Gonna Get Us). It promises the album to become a super hit. Of course, the typical Tatu metaphoric lyrics will be preserved and will continue the theme of Ludi Invalidi (Dangerous And Moving). The new album will be called Upravlenie Otbrosami (Waste Management). It may happen that people will rush to the court again but those who know the sausage business, are guaranteed the very best of ass-kicker.

Source: MK.RU
Translation: TatySite.Team
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