"Tatu": We are beyond competition

Time of publication: 20.07.2007
With a tour through Kazakhstan the scandalous group "Tatu" arrived. The idols of the teenagers remained in each town no longer than for one day. In the rider of the stars there were no special instructions, because the girls are not fastidious about eating, drinking but they are devoid of caprice typical for stars. Read the details from the lives of the celebrities in the material of our reporter.

Q: What will be heard at the concert?
Y: From the album "Lyudi invalidy". And there will be one new song from the new album. It hasn't been released yet, we are now during the process of recording. At the moment we are thinking about it's name.

Q: Creative crisis?
Y: Such thing tends to be rare. It happens, when you get very much tired - after 25 concerts in the month. Then you think: Oh Lord, how much I want to come home, lie on the sofa and nobody shall touch you. But you realize, that this is your life, your job, your career and without it there is nowhere. One - two days pass by and you know where is the stage, where the people, where is all this surroundings.

Q: How do you relax?
Y: We relax like all the typical normal people too - in the cafe, all sorts of bars, going somewhere for bowling, going to cinema, theatre, karaoke bar.

Q: Do you read books?
Y: I hate reading.
L: Classic authors.

Q: Does it happen that people don't recognize you on the street?
Y: When we are in our private life we are on our own. It didn't happen to me.
L: It happens to me, even quite frequently.

Q: In which way differs the audience in different countries?
Y: The mentality in the countries is in any case different - both education, rules, life standard, and everything else. They are different in emotions, their eyes, the smiles, the welcome. Everywhere everything is different.

Q: As far as we know you love dogs very much.
L: Yes, I have a Chow-chow and two half-breeds. Those who live with me we have chosen on the street. And one half-breed else came to live with us, but we couldn't expel her. Recently one gave birth to puppies and I gave them away to fans.
Y: I have three dogs. A Chihuahua, a Yorkshire-terrier and an Irish-setter.I had a Labrador too, but we gave him away, because we couldn't cope with him.

Q: Why don't you kiss eachother lately?
Y: And why we have to do? It's not interesting every year.Plus, when we kissed we were about 15 years, it was school-time, lack of understanding of our orientation, but now, when we have children and family and everything else, why? It's no more interesting when the girls are grown up or then with 40 years. Should we now kiss eachother for a whole life? Like old lesbians (laughs).
L (laughs): With 60 years we come out on stage, having become plump and will kiss, pensioners. And by the way, very recently we kissed eachother, when we celebrated something.
Y (laughs): And I think I got an infection from this...(she has a sore throat - author)

Q: Who in your group is the leader?
Y: We don't have such one, we do everything together.

Q: You prepare again to make a reality-show?
Y: We plan to do something already in autumn this year, but the topic I don't know. Just now we are thinking about it. At the moment we shoot a film upon a book of Lesha Mitrofanov "Tatu - Comeback". Now there are current shootings, and we have enough to do. It will be released in 2008 in May.
L: It's the story of two of our fans, the story basically turns around the passion for our group. We have a very good director, famous actresses, Americans and Russians. That is, this film will be in Russian and english language. It will come out in 2008, and the premiere may be at the Cannes-festival. In the leading role Mischa Barton will play with us.

Q: How is your attitude towards sports, do you take part in the support of the Olympics in Sochi?
Y: We have a good relation towards sports, but we don't participate (at the campaign).
L: We cheer Russia. We will simply look TV, whenever this will be possible.

Q: With whom from the famous artists do you have a good communication?
Y: We don't have such thing - with one we communicate, with the other not. When we sit together at a party we talk. In fact with everybody: Hello - hello, bye - bye. But such close relations we don't have. Seresha Lazarev is for me a real friend.

Q: Competition?
L: In general we don't feel competition with anybody. We are beyond competition.
Y: We have an equal relation to everybody - we sing and they sing. They have their own creative work, and we have our own one.

Q: Plans?
Y: Now shooting the film, we have a grand tour through Kazakhstan - six concerts. Then we will fly to America to shoot a video clip at the end of August, in the beginning of September we record the album, which will be released in autumn. That's all for now.

Q: Do you plan to relax in Kazakhstan in national style?
Y: How do they here relax in national style?
Q: On horse.
Y: On horse. Well, let's see.

Q: You have not tried the national cuisine?
Y: And what's national at yours? Tell us.
Q: Meat

Q: Sad incidents connected with fans?
Y: Exactly such, to kill, such ones didn't happen. They pulled our hairs, tore the chains, such things happened. Then again - these are not bad incidents, just demonstrations of love. Someone cries, someone stands trembling and someone may touch us.
L: We have very fine relations to the fans, they come to our homes, we talk with eachother. Basically no such particular problems arise.
Y: We have our circle of contact with certain fans.

Q: Are you scared of such hysterical fans?
Y: No.
L: We simply wish to help them, but we think, we help them with the creative work, because they don't cry with grief but with gladness.

Q: In Moscow are you always with the body-guards?
Y: Only at concert-tours. Moscow - it's our city. The native city, and there it's not surprising for noone that artists walk on the street. There are many actors, actresses on the streets or at parties. This is common like this. There nobody reacts like "A-a-a!"

Q: You participated at the gay-parade?
Y: We really were there in this city. But more than five minutes we didn't remain there, simply because a crowd of skinheads, people with crosses, with knives turned towards us. They poured sacred water on us. Hardly we took a seat in the car we went off. They threw stones against us. Completely insane people, incomprehensible why.

Q: But is it possible, to take this parade under your wings?
Y: Well, we told already, that - if the people wants to reach something common and be one as a whole, and there will be such occurrences, then we will not be one whole, there will be war all the time, for instance between gays and rappers.

Alla Ivanilova
Novoe pokolenie, Kazakhstan
Translated by Argos
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