Animal Scandal Of Yulya Volkova

Time of publication: 26.07.2007
The pregnant singer of the group "Tatu" Yulya Volkova caused a scandal during the shooting of a movie about her legendary group. The reason of the incident was nothing than the unsuspicious spitz Ziggy.

The fact is that now in Moscow the shootings of the feature film with the working title "Finding t.A.T.u." take place. The main character of the movie, the 16 year old Janie Sawyer recently came to Moscow and became a "tatu" fan. Because of the musical passion the heroine gets to know the Russian Lana Starkova of same age in a chat, and they go together to a concert. On the way the girls await tons of dangers, which the night life of the capital hides.

The Hollywood star actress Mischa Barton ("Notting Hill") plays Janie Sawyer. The dog Ziggy is in particular her pet. Regardless of the fact that Ziggy is not the only domestic animal of Mischa, she is with Mischa Barton just for a year, together with the Cavallier King Charles spaniel Charly. The spitz of Mischa Barton is one of the most famous pets in Hollywood, inferior only to the numerous dogs of Paris Hilton and the beloved pig of George Clooney.

Ziggy accompanies her famous mistress everywhere, even the long journey to Russia was no exception. "I came here with my dog to feel not bored. But in general, here with you I'm not bored anyway. I was always attracted to Russia, maybe it's connected to the fact that my mom gave me a Russian men's name. Although I don't have Russian roots, living here for just two months I soon got russified!" told the actress to ''.

Misha's pet is the only animal which was allowed to be present at the shooting. 'Persona non grata' was even the spitz Ricky, the dog of Yulya Volkova. When she saw such injustice with her own eyes Volkova created a grand scandal: "My Ricky sits at home and is bored and hungry! Why is it allowed to hers and to mine it's forbidden?"

This picturesque scene was before the eyes of the whole filming crew including the celebrity from overseas. Yulya Volkova fiercely refused to continue the work and demanded the appearance of her dog at the filming area. The whole crew had to wait patiently for two hours as long as this caprice of the Russian star was not satisfied.

Despite of that Mischa didn't change her attitude towards the Russian singer: "Unfortunately I didn't hear the music of "Tatu" earlier, but when I became acquainted, they turned out to be nice girls. They are very lively and vivid."

Natalya Kiseleva, Russia
Translated by Argos
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