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Time of publication: 02.08.2007
The reason for anxiety: American director Roland Joffe films a movie about Tatu based on the book by deputy Mitrofanov.

Aleksei Mitrofanov, the author of the novel Tatu Come Back novel: "Joffe asked me to play in one episode, but despite my refusal it's useless to argue with him, he's a dictator".

Julia Volkova, Tatu vocalist: "We play ourselves in the movie. I played in Eralash videos long time ago (ha-ha), but it's very interesting to try myself in real cinema.

Valery Polienko, author of Tatu lyrics: "Frankly speaking, this whole thing with Mitrofanov's book and American director makes me think of NIVA's tuning" (NIVA - Russian car brand)

The new Tatu movie based on the novel by deputy Mitrofanov is currently being filmed.

In Moscow and Yaroslavl the filming of Finding Tatu, Russian-American production movie, started, with Roland Joffe as a director. It is confirmed that apart from Julia Volkova and Lena Katina, Anton Yeltsin and Mischa Barton have also been cast in the movie. "There's no connection with LDPR party here: I'd been into cinema before I got into politics", said Alexey Mitrofanov, whose book "Tatu Come Back" became a basis for the script, "Actually, this movie is not exactly about Tatu. The young heroines get to know each other through the band's music, but this story, despite its significance, is more of a background here. This is a movie about freedom, about the first free generation in our country".

Gleb Lisichkin
Rolling Stone Magazine, Russia
Translated by Official Site
July 2007
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