Tatu Play in the Movie

Time of publication: 02.08.2007
t.A.T.u.'s intense work schedule is not a problem for the pregnant vocalist Yulia Volkova. The singer now is fourth months pregnant. "I'm the happiest, there's a human being inside of me, who already gives me signs... Sometimes it's strange to realize that soon I will give birth to my second child ", - Yulia shared with ??! According to Volkova the band plans to perform and film until the end of October. Moreover, during the last month of Yulia's pregnancy t.A.T.u. plan to make a video for their new song White Robe.

Right now the band is involved in the work on the movie Finding t.A.T.u. which is being filmed in Russia from the end of May. Of course, the girls play themselves. By the way, movie's soundtrack will include songs from t.A.T.u.'s upcoming album. Lena and Yulia's first shooting day took place at the old Badaev brewery, and lately t.A.T.u. were spotted on the other object - ZIL factory. The shooting of the movie continues up to the middle of August. Producers plan to present the film at Cannes in 2008.

Anastasiya Rechkalova
OK Magazine
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