Grand-Prix sensation: t.A.T.u. participate against Lou*. ("Blind" - Germany)

Time of publication: 19.03.2003
Grand-Prix sensation: t.A.T.u. to participate against Lou*.
Russian lesbians want to beat Ralph Siegel**.
Moscow - Both these kissing lesbians turn the Grand Prix upside down this year!

Russia sends its hottest pop-(s)export to the song contest in Riga (Latvia): Yulia (18) and Lena (18) from the scandalous duo "t.A.T.u." ("All the things she said", no 1 in German charts). They compete on May 24th with 25 european singers. So with Ralph Siegel (57) and his singer Lou (39)

Europe's well-behaving world of the Grand Prix is shaking. Fistfights and alcohol parties are the order of the day for t.A.T.u., on stage the girls shock with lesbian acts.

Yulia to BILD: "Nobody needs to be scared of us. But we will win the Grand Prix! This Ralph Siegel has no chance against us with his witch Lou!"

Don't they like our Grand-Prix singer?

Lena: "She looks like she has had more men in her life than we've had bottles of Vodka. We would push her immediatly out of our bed."

Why don't t.A.T.u. accept the German Lou as a serious competitor?

Yulia:" In Russia we nurse blind and old people, but we don't send them to the Grand Prix. This must be different in Germany."

Why do they absolutely want to go to the Grand Prix?

Lena: "It's our wish, because we are Russians with our body and soul. We want to blast with our appearance everything else before."

The Russian Grand-Prix commissary Elena Arkipova (33) yesterday to BILD: "We are proud t.A.T.u. are going to the Grand Prix. They are good embassadors for modern Russia!"

* [Lou is the German singer]
** [Siegel is the producer and author who participates *every year* *boring*]

Translation by Willow71.
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