Lena Katina: We've finally started to write songs

Time of publication: 23.08.2004
We've finally started to write songs. This is fantastic, except that Yulka can't, so I recorded 5 draft songs on my own. Very successfully. Serezha Galoyan is working with us again. It makes me happy, because he writes great songs. He feels the style, takes into account the mood and live situations. It's easy to work with him.

There's this one song though, "V kosmose" ("In cosmos"); it is a hard one. Terribly so! I nearly fainted in the studio! It's a very dynamic, strong song. We had trouble with the words, it was impossible to sing them! I was always out of breath. And the room with the microphone is tiny... very stuffy. So I felt unwell. Otherwise everything's great! I'm glad that we've started working again. Also, I have the greatest darling in the world! That's it for now.

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