Lena Katina: Now I'm on holiday in Turkey

Time of publication: 20.09.2004
Now I'm on holiday in Turkey. Personally, it is not clear why people consider that to go to Turkey means that one has no respect for him/herself. I'm on vacation with my grandmother, my little sister and my friends. There are great animators working in the hotel where we are staying: Vick and Ozi. Moreover, we became good friends with the local DJ, Erhanom. We went scubadiving. Me and Nastya did not go, it seemed a little scary. Slimy fish everywhere, bleh, nasty things! I am afraid of them to death! That day, there was an awfully hot sun and I got burned. We went on a boat trip; small, but fast. Igor drove Katya on a water scooter. Yesterday, we went to a disco called "Catamaran", there, the floor is seethrough and there is water flowing under, where everyone dances. It was fun, but I've twisted my leg there and now I can barely walk, forget dancing. I worry a lot for Yulia, she's about to give birth. Volkodava is a mommy! Hell, it's crazy how such things happen in life! Now we'll be babysitting.

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