Lena Katina: I celebrated my birthday

Time of publication: 14.10.2004
Very recently, on October 10th, I celebrated my birthday. Everything was fantastic! I got a lot of gifts and it was very joyful... music, dancing... everyone sang! My "pupsyandrik*" gave me a huge teddy bear and a navel ring, and my little sister bought me some mascara; mine was just finished. The birthday party went well. One little fan girl made a big poster - huge with loads of pictures of me! The entrance was decorated with multi-colored balloons! Children who were going home from school took some balloons from the entrance! The guests were great - my closest relatives and friends, 30 people. I love myself and my birthday party! (Modest girl)

* In another entry Lena used the word "pupsenka" and we wondered who she was talking about. Obviously "pupsyandrik" and "pupsenka" are Lena's pet names for Andrey.

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