Lena Katina: Tomorrow I get to fly to America

Time of publication: 11.05.2005
Tomorrow I get to fly to America. I've been in Moscow for a month now. Here, I've been spending time with friends - which is cool! I've parted with my boyfriend, and thus we rented a cabin to celebrate our friend's birthday. We were about 20 people there. That was fun! It's late now, I'm sitting in the bowling hall and writing in the diary. I haven't written in it since my arrival. I think that we'll finally record our second album. I'm terribly missing touring and the stage. Hell - I haven't left yet, but I'm already beginning to miss my family and friends. Yulia is waiting for me there, so I'm going from here to her. This is all at the moment. Kisses to everyone. Wish us some luck!

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