Lena Katina: Going back to America tomorrow

Time of publication: 08.06.2005
Hi! Going back to America tomorrow... On the one hand, I wanna go, but on the other - I absolutely do not want to go, ‘cause I will miss my mommy, my friends... it’s not fair, everybody’s staying and I am leaving... Maybe they will join me there, if things work out... Gonna miss Yulya for two-three days. I am flying alone, have no idea what to do on the plane...

Moscow was fun! Well, not counting some incidents that happened to me. Incidents are - surgery and how I almost fell into... Long story short, my right leg fell through the grate of a sewer. I had a huge bruise, it was so funny... and a bit painfull, of course. The policeman didn’t believe me, he must have thought that I was drunk. And we’ve been hanging out with my friends and found a cool Moroccan cafe with a very nice atmosphere. Yesterday we were there and played a new game similar to “Mafia”. We were all assassins!
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