Yulia Volkova: I feel like spending some time with you

Time of publication: 11.07.2005
i feel like spending some time with you… i often read the news and look through tatu forum… m m m… interesting! you seem to be so parallel and so sincere!!! i really like the topic "tatu have changed", interesting to find out something new about yourself, i feel like an 80-year old granny! but that's also cool, someday i'll be in this "image". i'll be such a f***ing cool grandma, with crew-cut and tattoos, wearing shorts and a t-shirt – and i will sing "all the things she said"!!! guys, I'll always be 16 and I will always be with you… i haven't changed, you just don't know me very well… relax, i'm here with you, just in america!!! by the way, you can congratulate me – i'm done with recording the russian album, it will kick ass! well, big kiss to you!!! don't worry, we'll be back soon!!!
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