Lena Katina: San-Paolo – Fankfurt – Hong Kong – Taipei!

Time of publication: 09.12.2005
San-Paolo – Fankfurt – Hong Kong – Taipei! We are greeted so awesome!!! Well, you know what happened to Julia: she spent a day in Frankfurt. More incidents: today at the rehearsal some of our music equipment got busted, and tomorrow is the show at the stadium! The new one is being delivered… Our musicians support us; we’re laughing so much that no sport club will make our tummies flatter! We love them awfully. Moscow is approaching – home sweet home! We’ve been missing everybody for three weeks… Ok, I’m gonna go to bed now. Have to wake up early tomorrow to make it to one more soundcheck. Hug you, kiss you, adore you, miss you! Spoki-noki, my dears!

P.S. Sorry for not writing you for so long!
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