Lena Katina: I had a great party – meeting with my classmates

Time of publication: 20.04.2006
Hello, my dear ones! Haven't written to you for a while – we need to change this! It's just there's no time, so many things need to be done before the show in St. Petersburg… Right after we came back from the Baltic trip, I had a great party – meeting with my classmates! Five years after the graduation from high school! I just said to everybody the day before: don't look for me tomorrow. So much energy! So many positive emotions! Some persons didn't show up, though, but we still spent some awesome time in a little company! Soon I'll show you the pictures! We met in a cafe, talked, and nobody showed off (as it often happens). We should, actually, meet more often! And then we went to the club to dance a little. Yeah, I should have gotten more rest after the concerts. Two light cocktails – and I was "gone". I came up to the bar to ask for some water with lemon: Was a driver that night. But my classmates didn't let me… I had to call the driver to pick me up… In general, I am washed away by the positive waves!

Oh, another funny thing happened when we passed face-control at the club. A girl at the entrance went:
- Listen, you look like one of the Tatu girls… She's just a little bit bigger…
- Maybe it's actually ME!
- Common! I don't believe you! When is your birthday?
So, I only look like I am one of the Tatu girls. Heh-heh…
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