Troy McCubbin: We have just arrived in Frankfurt

Time of publication: 27.04.2006
So we have just arrived in Frankfurt, Germany Airport from Los Angeles.
It was a long uncomfortable flight...... too many little crying babies around us.
Ahhhhh! That drives me nuts and I didn't have a window seat.
I love to put my ear plugs in and crawl up in a ball near the window and fall alseep. Thats the best way for me to travel.
But not this trip.
But I am too excited to get to St. Petersburg and ROCK!

So now we are waiting for our connecting flight to St. Petersburg.
This trip is going to be so quick, us guys will get there, have 2 days and jump back on a plane and head back to

LA. Its basically a whole day we spend traveling!
That sucks because I would love to spend some time in St. Petersburg to see the sites.
I really hope we come back with more time to spend there.

I am really looking forward to seeing Julia and Lena again and rocking out big time in St. Petersburg.
Should be lots of fun!
Not sure what else is coming up for Tatu.
I know the girls are going to play at Bravo in Germany.
The only reason us guys won't be playing is because the Bravo people didn't want to pay for the band to be there. I guess they couldn't afford us.
That really sucks, because it sounds so much better with the whole band playing with the girls.
Julia and Lena love playing with the band and the vibe is so much better too.
Oh well, lots more to come.

I am excited to get to Latin America and tour down there.
I know the girls and all us guys in the band are dying to get down there and play some big shows!
I love Latin America! The people there are the best and I love their passion for music and life.
It really inspires me to keep playing music and to just enjoy life.
Ok , I am about to run out of internet time at the airport here.
Hopefully I'll get tonnes of pics and video to put up on my new website.
Which is coming very soon.
Talk more soon.
Lots of love

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