Troy McCubbin: The St. Petersburg show went great

Time of publication: 29.04.2006
Well the St. Petersburg show went great.
Way too quick of a trip.
I feel like I just got off the plane and now I am back on it.
Awesome crowd!!
I am actually traveling on a plane back from St. Petersburg writing this e-mail.
Modern technology lets me connect to the internet in the air too.
Even though I need to sleep and all this old people keep sneaking a peak over my shoulder trying to work out what the hell I am doing.
Maybe I should be surfing pron just to scare them!! ehehehe
Anyway , it was agreat show a fantastic crowd and hopefully they got some great footage.
We had no preparation for this concert which kind of sucked.
Everything was rushed and as usual we ran out of time to dial everything in.
We had a few minor hickups in the show but for the most part it rocked!

Julia and Lena say hello to everyone and we had so much fun on stage!
The girls did a great job and for the first time the fans got to hear alot of songs we have never done live before.
So that was alot of fun.
Besides me having to run off stage to change a string right in the middle of Gomenasai, which really sucked!

Thhe show was still so much fun.
At one point I nearly was taken out with one of the fireworks going off right near me, too close for comfort.
But it made it just that little bit more exciting I guess.

I hope all teh fans love the pics from teh show and get to see the dvd.
I have no idea how it will be but I think it should turn out great.
It was so exciting to be on stage. The st. Petersburg crowd were fantastic!!!
All I can say is I love TATU fans, they are the best fans!
After the show Julia and Lena met with some fans backstage and we all signed autographs and took pics. A bunch of

Japanese fans that travelled all the way from Japan just to see the show, were there too.
That was just great and they said we might be back in Japan at August.
I hope so , because I love Japan!

After that we all travelled to a club called revolution in St. Petresburg for teh after party.
It was a great night!
Julia wanted to do some Karoke so we went down stairs and id some of that for a while.
We all danced and took lots of pics.
Julia and Lena said to say hello to everyone in Latin America and that we are all excited to get dow there very soon.
I hope we go there sooner than later.
We just love that part of the world!!
Us guys had to leave at 4:30am to head to the airport.
i haven't slept yet and I feel like my eyes are going to fall out of my head.
Apparentlyy the Tatu Expedition show has been getting fantastic ratings, the best for that tv chanel in Russia.
I heard a runor that it might be show in Germany as well and eventually other countriees as well.
The camera team was there again shooting for the show.
Of course we all had fun and I can't wiat to get back and play some more shows again and again!
I really hope all the fans get to see us live.
because we really rock it out and its so much fun to be that close to our fans.
Ok guys , I have to sleep.
This old guy behind me is snoring his head off!
i need my ear plugs in!!! Ahhhhhhhhh
Must go, Lots of love from me , Troy and Tatu.
Will write again more soon.
Look out for my web site coming soon too.
I will put lots of pics and videos up from past shows.

lots of love

Ps: Sorry for the spelling errors as I am really tired and its hard to concetrate
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