Sven Matrin: I just got back from a huge gig with Tatu

Time of publication: 02.05.2006
Hey there, long time since i've actually posted a blog...
I just got back from a huge gig with Tatu in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was absolutely amazing. There were about 8000 people, and the Russian audience really goes off!
I had a blast and I can't wait to play again!
Looks like the next show will be in Moscow on June 2nd, together with 50 Cent! Yo, biatch!
Interesting combination, I know...well, maybe we have him get a new bullethole from Julia's gun on stage, j/k!
Currently I am setting up another myspace profile as an artist where I can post music as well.
I know, my real website needs a huge workover too, i will get into that later. For now, enjoy the Tatu "Show me love" remix which I made quite a while back. It's the one we perform live at the shows...

Cheers from Germany, Sven
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