Troy McCubbin: Lets get Tatu on the radio!

Time of publication: 22.05.2006
Hi Aussie Tatu fans! Lets get Tatu on the radio!
Hey guys just wanted to e-mail you all and say hello.
Off to Moscow again on wednesday to play a show then maybe Mongolia, not sure yet on that one.
Then back to Moscow to play with 50 cent, should be alot of fun.

I have a friend working at the radio station 2day Fm in sydney.
She past on some information to me about how to get Tatu music back on the airwaves.

We would need alot of e-mails, but if we flood them with requests they would have to play it!
Now I am not sure what song we should all request. Gomenasai or Loves me not?
There is talk of "Loves me not" being the next single, so that could be a good one to start promoting.
Or Gomenasai because that was the last single.
You can all decide, as you are all down there in Australia and know what would have hit potential on the radio.

So follow these instructions,

Best thing to do would be to go to:
Go to Vote
Then to the box at the bottom that says "Can't find the song" and type
in what song you would like.

Hope this helps and just maybe if we pull together we can get Tatu on the radio again and then push for a tour!
Thanks again for all your support. You guys ROCK!!!
Tatu fans are the best around and I make sure Julia and Lena know that they have lots of fans down under!!

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