Troy McCubbin: Sitting here at Tatu head quarters in Moscow

Time of publication: 28.05.2006
Hey guys,

Sitting here at Tatu head quarters in Moscow, thought I would write quickly and let you guys know what i know.
Not going to Mongolia just yet it, has been postphoned for reasons out of Tatu's control, but I have been told we will get there.

To all the Belgium fans we are coming your way on the 29th of june, can't wait for that!!
We are also trying to get on that big festival there in Belgium but I haven't heard anything more about that. I hope we get to play that concert as well.
I just know we are playing the PZR festival.

Just know that everything I tell you here can change and usually does!

But I have heard of 2 trips to Japan, 2 shows in Mexico, Finland in July and Korea sometime as well.
Maybe a huge Poland festival coming up soon, but nothing has been confirmed.
So new concerts and potential shows are coming in all the time.
US shows are going to be planned as well!!
I know Tatu wants to go play shows in Latin Amercia, Asia and all Europe.

The plan is to tour everywhere.
Also I have been told about some really cool ideas for the tour which sound fantastic, but i can't tell you guys more than that. Its all very secret at the moment, but all I can say is that it will be awesome to see Tatu live!!!

I passed on all your hello's and requests. I made sure that Tatu knows about all your requests to tour each country.
And it is all being worked on.
So hang in there guys! We are going to be coming your way!!!

We play with 50 cent this friday at muz tv, I believe we are opening up the show.
they expect more than 25,000 people there, so it should be a blast!!
Any more news I find out I will pass it on.
Thanks for all your comments and wishes and I'll speak to you all again soon.

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